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Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography has never been as important in selling houses as it currently is today. Within the Real Estate field there is fierce competition and selling houses is becoming more and more difficult. Why not have the edge over the competition and have a photographer come do your Real Estate Photography for you.

 Real Estate Photography Information

Real Estate photography, or Architectural photography is a simpler form of the art, as buildings don't move or have a mind of their own. It is all about capturing the unique features of a property, the time of day, wide angle lenses and correct exposures. Very little equipment is required for Real Estate photography so you wont be lugging around large amounts of heavy equipment.

The Growth of Real Estate Photography

Overseas, Real Estate photography is huge business. In South Africa Real Estate photography hasn't quite taken off yet, but with Agents starting to realize that properties are selling faster with better quality images taken by a Real Estate photographer. I foresee Real Estate photography becoming a crucial and important part in the Real  

For More info contact MixPix based in Pretoria East:

071 372 8097

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MixPix Photography (Real Estate Photography)

Real Estate Photography

School Photographer

Being a school photographer nowadays can be daunting as there are many aspects any photographer should always bare in mind.

We will discuss a few of these aspects in this short article.

To break down a School Photographer and his tasks we can say that patience and professionalism is very important! Any School Photographer without these 2 things can and will make massive mistakes!

We at MixPix will make sure that Patience and Professionalism is priority to us at all times!

Equipment used as a School Photographer

Because a School Photographer has such high volume work scope when it comes to taking photo, the equipment needed gets overworked on every shoot.

As a School Photographer make sure you have an extremely good and reliable Camera and the absolute best lights affordable to you.

Equipment needed to start off:

1 - Camera

2 - 50mm - 80mm Zoom lens

3 - 2 Studio Lights and Umbrellas

4 - Computer or enough space on your memory card for storage

5 - 2 Batteries

MixPix as a School Photographer

MixPix has amazing staff and we intend to provide the highest standard and quality when it comes to providing School with a School Photographer.

Mixpix is based in Gauteng and we service the whole of Gauteng as well as surrounding areas at times. 

For any further information and Quotations please contact Mixpix or Email us:

071 372 8097

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MixPix (School Photography)

School Photographer

How to rank your website in Google

These days ranking your website in Google can be tricky or fairly easy if you know what you are doing.

We would like to offer simple steps that you may follow in ranking your website fast in Google.

In this article we will point out certain factors that sure would help you rank your website in Google a bit easier. This is not an article about building a website but merely once you already have a website how to tweak the site to rank better or faster in Google.

How to rank your website in Google

Steps on How to rank your website in Google:

1 - You would need a website to rank the site

2 - Use long tail keywords

3 - Use keywords that has not too much competition to start with

4 - Use H1, H2 and H3 tags in articles. (Very useful)

5 - Read articles on 'How to rank your website in Google.'

6 - Use your keyword in your article at least 5 times

How to rank your website in Google

There are a lot of factors that plays a role when it comes to 'How to rank your website in Google' so make sure you study them well!

Not all websites ranks as well as others so make sure you understand your site well and you know what you want to rank for in Google and why.

We would also say that you must write informative and relevant content for your Niche / Site as this will determine the relevancy of that content you would like to rank for in Google.

We hope that this article on 'How to rank your website in Google' has helped you and will work for you.

Mystify Classifieds! (How to rank your website in Google)

How to rank your website in Google


PetzRush Pet grooming services

PetzRush Pet travel + Kennels is very proud to announce our new fully operational Pet grooming department! PetzRush Grooming for Cats and Dogs. Great rates fast and efficient!! Your baby comes first always!! Summer cuts, Trims, Wash, Nails, Cleaning and much more! Join our Facebook or see our website for more info!
Call us and get your FURY baby booked in today!

Pet grooming services

PetzRush Pet grooming has amazing staff and great options for your babies! Lots of different cuts and trims!

Pet grooming at its best!

Below is all their details call them for more Pet grooming information today!

Elarduspark, Attie Pelzer.

PetzRush Pet grooming!

Pet grooming

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