How to quit your job

If you are part of the majority of the population that doesn’t enjoy your job and are thinking of going on to greener pastures then there are a few things you need to know on how to quit your job before taking that big leap of faith. Job opportunities are far and few between so you need to ensure that when you decide to leave you have everything in check and all the important boxes ticked. Knowing when and how to quit your job could also affect your jobs in the future. Never burn bridges as they say…

How to quit your job

If you have another job offer or have secured another job already then it makes how to quit your job a whole lot easier. You don’t need to stress about where the next pay cheque is coming from and all your bills will be paid. If on the other hand you just very unhappy in your current employment situation and will be looking for other work you want to leave on good terms, get a reference or possibly even have an opportunity of returning should something else not work out for you, and how to quit your job will all influence these things.

How to quit your job Concluded

The normal, professional way on how to quit your job is to give the sufficient notice period, type out a resignation letter and report your intention of resignation to your superior. If you want to stay in your employers good books then it will be worth mentioning some of the positives of the company and how you have grown within the company as a person and how it has been a career highlight. You can also offer to be on a call or assist via email in your absence. There is no set of rules in how to quit your job unfortunately, always ensure it will just be a step in the right direction for your future and career.

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How to quit your job

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